Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch
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One of the best eating fish, yellow perch will reach lengths of 12-13″ and weigh almost a pound.  Perch don't feed on pellets unless feed trained in tanks as fry. They feed very well and grow rapidly. In a normal pond environment perch spawn at two years of age. Although, I have seen first year perch egg up and spawn. Perch spawn early spring around March and April depending on the water temperatures. When water reaches almost fifty-five degrees, female perch will go to a brushy area and will deposit a long ribbon of eggs in cover so when the eggs hatch the perch fry will be hidden from predators. Normally perch stay hidden from view staying in deeper water. When we have heavy rains and the pond overflows, perch are likely to head for the overflow and will go out of the pond. I recommend all overflows be restricted with some kind of screen or fence. Since perch only spawn once a year in early spring before any of the other species, the reproduction survival will be poor in smaller ponds of one acre or less. In fact, there may be no survival at all. Therefore, periodical restocking will probably be necessary.

If you plan on harvesting fish from your pond, set up a guideline to follow as in how small a fish can be taken.  This will help ensure you maintain a good base for reproduction.  A good fisherman can ruin a good pond in a few weeks of fishing.  For Perch, a good size for harvesting would be 10 inches and up.

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