Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass
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This is possibly the most sought after game fish that is stocked in farm ponds today. They can reach sizes of four to five pounds and be eighteen to twenty inches in length. The most common size is two to three pounds, which in Ohio is very respectable.  The bass fry hatch out in mid-May through the first or second week in June all depending on the water temperature.  Good weather conditions of 60°+ warmer water.  Bass males or bucks will build and guard the nest where fertilization of the eggs takes place.  They will guard the eggs for the next seven to ten days.  When the bass fry leave thespawning bed, they remain in a tight group.  The bass buck will stay close by guarding them from other fish.  As the fry grow they feed on the bottom of the food chain on tiny microscopic living things called zooplankton. Eventually they go to bigger prey such as small fish, insects, crayfish, and about anything that will fit in their mouths. This will continue for about two weeks. At this point in time, the fry will be about 3A" in length. After they reach%", the bass will become independent and start breaking up the group and go their own way. At the end of summer, these bass will be about five inches in length and well on their way to the top of the food chain. Life expectation in bass can reach upwards of seven years. If you are pellet feeding your fish, remember that largemouth fish by nature do not feed train very easily. If you do want to feed your bass, fathead minnows would be the most direct way to do this. As with all warm water fish in Ohio, bass only grow in the warm months, mid­-May through September. This is why southern fish grow to larger sizes than Ohio fish, because of the longer growing season of the south.

If you plan on harvesting fish from your pond, set up a guideline to follow as in how small a fish can be taken.  This will help ensure you maintain a good base for reproduction.  A good fisherman can ruin a good pond in a few weeks of fishing.  For Bass, a good size for harvesting would be 16 inches and up or 1 pound.

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