Hybrid Bluegill

Hybrid Bluegill
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Hybrid bluegills are a cross from bluegill and green sunfish.  When a hatchery produces a hybrid they careful to use only male bluegill and only female green sunfish which forces a cross of the two.  Normally bluegill and sunfish do not cross.  They typically stay to their own family of bluegill or sunfish.  The crossing of these two fish will give the best of both worlds by giving the hybrid the length of the parent bluegill and the thickness and aggressiveness of green sunfish. Hybrid bluegill grow rapidly if the food is there for them by reaching the size of ten or eleven inches and weighing up to 3/4 lb. Both bluegill and green sunfish are fairly easy to catch making hybrids the ideal fish to stock. Their fast growth means thick fillets for your table. Hybrid bluegill feed on insects and small fish like bluegill. However, they feed best on pellets. This gives the pond owner the opportunity to get three to four inch fish up to eight to ten inch fish in about two summers. One last note about hybrids, is that they are a cross of two different kinds of fish. They are about 95% to 98% sterile. The few that do reproduce will return to bluegill after a few generations of reproduction. So they really need to be restocked periodically.

If you plan on harvesting fish from your pond, set up a guideline to follow as in how small a fish can be taken.  This will help ensure you maintain a good base for reproduction.  A good fisherman can ruin a good pond in a few weeks of fishing.  For Hybrids, a good size for harvesting would be 10 inches and up.

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